October 23, 2018 | Thomas Love
I recently came across an article in the Washington Post that talked about the proliferation of luxury garages of late. This is so interesting to me because I have noticed this myself recently. Not long ago, I traveled to New York City and was astounded by the parking situation in Manhattan. Now, I have been there many times previously, but it never ceases to amaze me how extreme parking is in this incredibly dense city. Take a look at the image below that I took for instance - people park on elevators in the city, and this particular parking facility charges $700 per month for parking! Only in NYC.

It is interesting to follow the trends that develop in the luxury market over time. Luxury garages reflect the next logical step to outdoor kitchens, dressing rooms, media rooms, etc. People do, after all, love their cars and what better than a high end, luxurious environment with which to store them? Read the article here.


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